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Submitted on
February 20, 2007
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Creative Commons License
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Offenses too many but guiltless I stand proud
“What are the charges?” the Judge asked
“Blunt force Humor”
“Grievous bodily sarcasm”
“Displaying his stream of consciousness in a public place”
“Punitive punning”
“Abusing his love of all lines alliterative; allowing all else to languor listlessly while alienating livid lines of literary lechers.”

“And how do you plea?”

“I plea with glee;
For I am a simple Simon who’s sick of your sermons
And Plea is for pleasure; that’s good enough for me.”

“I’ll not change my tune even if you throw away the key
I’ll read your book the one you threw, through and through and through and then….
I’ll use it to complete my bookcase of selfless defense
An art passed on down through the sages to we happy few”

“We’ve heard enough of your tribble and tripe
Prepare for our black disposition.
Oh lowly fakir and fraud
You will be put down like the low beast you are”

"I pass gas on your sentence and instead choose the chair
Lazyboy that I am”

And now with my work in happy recline I say stand strong
against those who would write your wrongs.
More word association football wordplay

Thanks to JCC (John Cooper Clarke) for showing me the real love of alliteration.
Read "The Pest" by JCC

Thanks to Cookie Monster.

Thanks to nutmeg-redblade for the HTML

Cover art by MooseMama
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crowhesghost Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2007
:rofl: Focking brilliant! I have no advanced critique or anything else, just a heartfelt "focking brilliant!" :clap:
Bunnyfugger Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2007   Writer
Glad it entertained you, I enjoyed writing it.
Hey I looked at your site and saw the Conan drawing, have you ever read Cerebus the Aardvark?
crowhesghost Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007
No, I haven't read it. I live in this kinda backward ass part of the country, and it's harder than hell to get good comic books out here. Half the reason I stopped reading them was because most of the good titles we DID get, they stopped distributing around here, and as for anything other than Marvel and DC, freakin' forget it. I'd have to drive almost an hour to Knoxville to a good comics store just get a wider selection, and I just didn't have the money to make the trip that often.
gonetomorrow Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007
This really captured my attention. A tragic thing is happening but it's written in such a way as to seem normal, as if penned by someone watching that has the same cold resolve as the jester.
Very creative, well done.
Bunnyfugger Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007   Writer
Thank you,
Yet again I am amazed and delighted at what others see in my work, you can never predict it, it's always fascinating to me to see how other eyes translate my words, and the same happens to me when I comment on others work.

At the time I was just enjoying myself with wordplay, and having a little jab at those who like to censor others work because it does not fit their standard

Thanks for your comment :)
batousaijin Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007
lol! awexome! i love the line "Plea is for pleasure," sounds like a line from a shakespearean clown.
batousaijin Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007
I love "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon," sung by Ernie... brings a tear to my eye... Your poem is seriously brilliant, though.
Bunnyfugger Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007   Writer
Thank you, it's actually me paraphrasing Cookie Monster from the song "C is for cookie" I also like "If moon were cookie"
I think some of the most inventive poetry is childrens poetry.
YumeLenawawe Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2007
I adore this! I do agree with the comment above. Reminds me a good bit of Dr Seuss. I love the play with words and the satire and how it brings the point across so perfectly. I think think I'm in love :heart:
Bunnyfugger Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007   Writer
:blushes: Thank you, being compared to Dr Seuss is such a wonderful compliment :boogie:
Wordplay is pure fun; it feels good when so many people appreciate it.
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